About John Dodig

I'm a New York–based writer and editor. I've been writing — and helping other people write — clean and well-researched copy for about ten years. I've collaborated with hundreds of other writers, from high school students to assistive technologists to academics to journalists, and have worked on pieces dealing with subjects as far afield as cold brew coffee, binding arbitration, epigenetic transmission of trauma, and contemporary classical music.

While working as an editor at Noodle.com (an education website founded by the creator of the Princeton Review) I grew and segmented the audiences of our five newsletters, helped to maintain content aggregation partnerships with Google News, Forbes.com, and CNN.com, and increased our daily publishing output. I also managed about 200 freelance contributors. I'm currently writing copy and content on a freelance basis, mostly for a branding and marketing shop called CO OP. I do a lot of different things for them: develop strategic verbal identities; work on brand activation; name stuff like buildings, candles, juices, and apps; write product marketing copy; and craft print and digital promotional materials.

Though it’s currently on indefinite hiatus, I spent almost two years working on a weekly podcast recommendation newsletter called Not My First Radio. The public radio distributor PRX — they work with shows like This American Life99% Invisible, and The Moth — named me an "audio tastemaker," and they featured my podcast reviews on a weekly basis via their new app RadioPublic.

To get in touch, please email me at jdodig@gmail.com.